What our guests are saying about their stay.

Our group had a fantastic experience, the attention to detail was outstanding. Chef prepared dinner was top notch and we loved both the Blue Eyed Daisy and Halsa as well for the variety. The wine selections were so well-received, team members were taking photos of the bottles so they could purchase more later. We will be sharing our experience with other leaders in the organization.

Inspire Brands

The Stone Cottage layout is ideal for the format we envisioned.  They look great and flow well.  We loved using the space both outside and inside to allow the group plenty of movement.  A home run! – Kris H

Kris H

We loved Stone Cottage. It was so nice to have two separate spaces so that those who had to be up at the crack of dawn were not disturbing those who didn’t.  It was also very convenient to have two kitchens.

The decorating in your homes is spectacular and it made for some awesome pre-wedding pictures. (I have added them to this email.)  The space to move around and not feel on top of each other was also a plus for getting ready for a wedding.

Thanks for helping us.

Ann E

Stone Cottage is wonderfully charming in an idyllic setting. State-of-the-art furnishings and indoor/outdoor living spaces make it perfect for a quick getaway weekend or a much longer stay. Trails, shops and restaurants are only a short walk or golf cart ride away. One of our favorite things about Stone Cottage is the outdoor wood-burning fire pit, perfect for a relaxing, laid-back evening with family, friends or co-workers.

Andy R.

There’s a special feeling about Stone Cottage: private, conducive, comfortable. We moved from the living room setting, into the board table, and then out to the fire pit — each venue offering opportunities for solid conversation.

We had our meals catered right there in our Cottage. Sleeping arrangements were first-class and quiet. Everyone felt pampered, inspired, and motivated, so our event was a big success.

Clyde L.

The Stone Cottage has a meeting room off the back which is full of windows and overlooks big trees. It makes you feel like you are in the forest! We had great meetings there and used the TV and camera to Zoom in two others who could not make it. After our meetings we retired to the fire pit below for drinks before dinner. Highly recommend!

Andrew L.