When curating transformative experiences for executive teams, venue selection can be the difference between an impactful program and one that falls short of expectations. Partnering with Stone Cottage provides an all-inclusive venue with world-class amenities, a professional services team, expert facilitators, and an incredible locale that will help guarantee your success.

Exclusive Access to World-Class Venue

Booking your onsite at Stone Cottage in Serenbe unlocks access to the entire property. Our elegant country manor, located in the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia and just 30 minutes from Hatfield Airport, offers eight ensuite bedrooms, gourmet kitchens, and cutting-edge boardrooms.

As an event planner carefully detailing every aspect of the retreat, you can customize the entire experience with no additional fees for technology or meeting spaces. Our amenities include:

  • 8 ensuite bedrooms
  • 2 executive boardrooms with natural light
  • 2 fully equipped chef’s kitchens
  • Living area and multiple informal meeting areas
  • Outdoor meeting space with firepit
  • Flatscreen television in each bedroom
  • Whiteboards/flipcharts
  • Heating/air conditioning
  • Washer/dryer
  • Gas fireplace
  • Essentials: Towels, bed sheets, soap, shampoo/conditioner/hair dryer

Expert Facilitators in Business Leadership

Leveraging a wealth of knowledge from our partners at The CREATiON Companies, our expert facilitators are trained in delivering business leadership curricula and programs. We work with you to develop experiential learning activities that foster deep connections, create a culture of trust, unleash innovation, and drive long-term results. We understand the unique needs and objectives of leadership programs and align your onsite experience with business goals and desired outcomes.

In addition to content knowledge, our skilled facilitators are adept at creating engaging and interactive sessions that keep your team actively involved throughout the entire retreat. Having in-house facilitation eliminates the burden of sourcing and coordinating external training providers, and we work in tandem with the venue’s event staff to manage logistics, accommodate participant needs, and troubleshoot any challenges that may arise. This saves you time and effort while ensuring a seamless integration of the leadership curriculum with the overall event experience.

World-Class Professional Services Team

Stone Cottage’s all-inclusive venue offers a dedicated professional services team with local activity planning. These value-added services provide event planners with the support and resources needed to enhance the overall event experience.

  1. Dedicated Support Staff for a Seamless Program

Our professional services team works alongside you to ensure smooth execution of the entire program. This team includes event coordinators, support staff, and private chefs who are well-versed in the unique needs of executive audiences. They provide personalized attention and are readily available to assist with any requests or challenges that may arise, allowing event planners to focus on delivering an exceptional experience.

  1. Customized Local Activities to Enhance Team Engagement

In addition to the onsite amenities and leadership development curriculum, we assist in planning and coordinating local activities that complement the business program. From organic farming and farm-to-table restaurants to energizing outdoor activities and artisanal shopping, Serenbe offers ample opportunity to explore the majestic outdoors and unwind during downtime. With over 15 miles of trails, striking architecture, and proximity to small local businesses, event planners can offer a curated selection of activities that cater to the interests and preferences of their clients.

  1. Streamlined Coordination: Efficient Planning and Execution

Working with our professional services team and local activity providers, you can rely on Stone Cottage’s expertise and established partnerships to deliver an unforgettable experience. Our all-inclusive packages help you save valuable time and money while ensuring that the program runs smoothly from start to finish.

We look forward to providing customized recommendations to meet your specific needs and goals. Book an executive retreat with the Stone Cottage now!