Planning Executive Retreats: The Strategic Value of External Facilitators

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As the business landscape continues to become more complex and competitive, the importance of strategic leadership has never been more crucial. Executives at the helm of businesses are tasked with making decisions that drive the direction of their organizations, and their ability to do so effectively hinges on their understanding of the current market, industry … Read More

Rethinking the Corporate Retreat Agenda

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Non-scheduled time during a retreat is just as important as the official agenda With the return to in-person meetings well underway, and lackluster, back-to-back-presentation formats a thing of the past, meeting planners recognize that curated experiences and free time during a corporate retreat are as important as the official business content on the agenda. Allowing … Read More

The Case for Using an Outside Facilitator

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With in-person meetings back in full swing, there has never been a better time to convene the Team and plan for the road ahead. Working with a professional meeting facilitator for your strategy sessions can be the difference between a good meeting and a great meeting. After two years of a virtual team reality, committing … Read More

Why Hybrid Teams Need Offsites

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From office space to human resource management to business operations, hybrid work has forever changed the workplace. It has also evolved the workforce. A recent Microsoft and LinkedIn work trend survey of 30,000 people in 31 countries found that more than 70% of workers want the flexibility to work from home, while 65% crave more … Read More

Seven Keys to a Successful Leadership Retreat

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Well-planned offsite leadership retreats offer a wonderful opportunity for senior team members to step away from their everyday routines to spend focused time on strategic planning and important topics, while perhaps most importantly, recharging and recommitting to shared goals. When done right, they can be impactful events that create a stronger leadership team with a … Read More