Finding Inspiration in Our Outdoor Spaces

Serenbe, Stone Cottage

It is no secret that spending time outside rejuvenates the mind, inspires creativity, and increases productivity. Responding to COVID-19, all sorts of businesses were challenged to rethink their outdoor spaces. Restaurants found innovative ways to turn sidewalks and parking lots into dining spaces, and many traditional offices upgraded their patios to serve as outdoor conference … Read More

Seven Keys to a Successful Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreats, Stone Cottage

Well-planned offsite leadership retreats offer a wonderful opportunity for senior team members to step away from their everyday routines to spend focused time on strategic planning and important topics, while perhaps most importantly, recharging and recommitting to shared goals. When done right, they can be impactful events that create a stronger leadership team with a … Read More

Start Planning Your 2021 Executive Retreats

Stone Cottage

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” —Warren Bennis As we collectively lean into this new year with hope and determination, there is no better time than now to regroup, reset, and recharge for the road ahead with your leadership team. At Stone Cottage, we cater to CEOs and C-level leadership teams. We … Read More