Embracing the New Era of Strategic Planning

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Over the past decade, the strategic planning process has significantly transformed. Gone are the days of rigid, multi-year plans that are set in stone. McKinsey recently reported about a game-changing shift in how companies are re-forecasting more frequently. This evolution provides organizations with benefits in both leadership and talent development: 1. Adaptability to Market Changes: … Read More

The All-Inclusive Advantage: Planning Your Next Retreat at Stone Cottage

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When curating transformative experiences for executive teams, venue selection can be the difference between an impactful program and one that falls short of expectations. Partnering with Stone Cottage provides an all-inclusive venue with world-class amenities, a professional services team, expert facilitators, and an incredible locale that will help guarantee your success. Exclusive Access to World-Class … Read More

Planning Executive Retreats: The Strategic Value of External Facilitators

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As the business landscape continues to become more complex and competitive, the importance of strategic leadership has never been more crucial. Executives at the helm of businesses are tasked with making decisions that drive the direction of their organizations, and their ability to do so effectively hinges on their understanding of the current market, industry … Read More

Rethinking the Corporate Retreat Agenda

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Non-scheduled time during a retreat is just as important as the official agenda With the return to in-person meetings well underway, and lackluster, back-to-back-presentation formats a thing of the past, meeting planners recognize that curated experiences and free time during a corporate retreat are as important as the official business content on the agenda. Allowing … Read More

The Case for Using an Outside Facilitator

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With in-person meetings back in full swing, there has never been a better time to convene the Team and plan for the road ahead. Working with a professional meeting facilitator for your strategy sessions can be the difference between a good meeting and a great meeting. After two years of a virtual team reality, committing … Read More

Why Hybrid Teams Need Offsites

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From office space to human resource management to business operations, hybrid work has forever changed the workplace. It has also evolved the workforce. A recent Microsoft and LinkedIn work trend survey of 30,000 people in 31 countries found that more than 70% of workers want the flexibility to work from home, while 65% crave more … Read More

Finding Inspiration in Our Outdoor Spaces

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It is no secret that spending time outside rejuvenates the mind, inspires creativity, and increases productivity. Responding to COVID-19, all sorts of businesses were challenged to rethink their outdoor spaces. Restaurants found innovative ways to turn sidewalks and parking lots into dining spaces, and many traditional offices upgraded their patios to serve as outdoor conference … Read More