Wondering if the Stone Cottage is the best fit for your next executive retreat? We thought hearing answers to a few of our most often asked questions might help guide you in your decision-making.

Question: Why would I choose Stone Cottage over a hotel? What amenities are available that I might not get elsewhere?
Answer: When you lease the full, 8-bedroom Stone Cottage, the property is yours. The privacy allows visitors to curate a completely personalized event, which can be limited at larger properties due to other in-house groups. There are no additional fees for any of the meeting spaces and all audio-visual needs are included in your stay. The boardrooms, which boast large tables that can also be used for dining, feature 4k web conferencing, Sonos sound systems, 65-inch flatscreens for presentations (or the big game) and high-speed WIFI.

And while the luxury accommodations and thoughtful craftsmanship radiate warmth and provide guests with a feeling of being one-with-nature, it’s really the Stone Cottage team that allows this property to outshine other options. We’re available for technical support if you want to stream a presentation for an executive retreat. We can coordinate group dinners off-site, visits to the Serenbe stables for an afternoon ride, tours of local art galleries and almost anything else you can dream up. We go out of our way to help you build an event tailored to your group’s specific needs. Explore a sample retreat itinerary.

Question: I know it says eight bedrooms, but how many can the property truly sleep?
Answer: Depending on the type of event, this question is going to have a variety of answers. For a corporate retreat, we suggest keeping it to eight people, one per bedroom, for maximum privacy. For a family event, there are four queen rooms, 2 king rooms and two twin rooms that can be converted to kind rooms, providing sleeping arrangements for up to 16 people. The family layout works similarly for a friends’ weekend, especially if a mixture of couples and singles are attending. The space can accommodate eight to 16 for a friend’s reunion dependent on the sleeping arrangements needed.

Seeing is believing. Check out our gallery for views of the rooms.

*Need more space? No worries! We have a valued partnership with other homeowners to provide expanded sleeping accommodations.

stone_cottage_meeting_spacesQuestion: Your website mentions “entertainment kitchens,” but we don’t want to have to think about cooking. What are our other options?
Answer: Having access to two fully equipped kitchens will allow your attendees the option to grab that cup of early morning coffee while waiting for the rest of the house to wake. It means you don’t have to go digging to find a wine key when it’s time for that end-of-day happy hour. While both kitchens are fully prepped for the groups that are interested in supplying their own groceries and managing their own meals, Stone Cottage can arrange a private chef to come in and create local dishes from the freshest ingredients to delight your guests. Additionally, within a 15-minute walk, Serenbe offers everything from bakeries and juice bars to kick-off the day, to high-end restaurants and quaint eateries to close out the evening.

Question: I see two shared common spaces but is there one space everyone can fit and be together?
Answer: Each shared living space is large enough to accommodate a sizable group of up to 16. We have also intentionally designed a multitude of outdoor communal options that can be utilized as you see fit (check out our recent blog on Outdoor Spaces for additional inspiration).

Two living spaces allow for flexibility in agenda and celebrations. Executive teams can take advantage of the individual rooms for quaint and comfortable breakout sessions. Families love the opportunity to create a kid’s movie night on one side and still entertain the idea of an adult wine tasting on the other. Friends’ getaway weekend? Sports and games can flow freely on the flatscreen in one common area, while quiet music and catching up can take place next door.

Question: Serenbe seems quiet. Are there activities for everyone to do?
Answer: The short answer is yes — and that, too, is by design. If you are open to new opportunities to enhance your event itinerary with customized outings designed to reconnect as a team, we have many options.

The long answer: We often use the hashtag #DisconnectToReconnect on our social media to highlight the serenity one feels while staying in Serenbe. The Stone Cottage property itself was designed to celebrate the power of the natural world, and adventures during your stay can include hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, cooking classes, farm tours, bonfires, and more. All serving to invigorate the mind, spur creativity, and allow for connection to nature and to one another.

Question: After the last two years, some team members are a bit nervous about meeting again in person. How can I make my attendees feel more comfortable?
Answer: The Stone Cottage adheres to the strictest COVID health and sanitation guidelines. Guests can choose how much interaction they have with the hospitality and housekeeping teams – meals can be dropped off and cleaning limited based on preference. In general, we do a thorough cleaning before arrival and upon departure, but additional cleaning can be arranged.

Recent studies show that attendee confidence skyrockets when they get to choose where they sit at an event so keep it casual. The cottage’s open seating layout, numerous outdoor gathering options, and spacious rooms make it easier for your teammates, family members and friends to participate while still maintaining a safe distance, at their comfort level.


The founders of The Stone Cottage leveraged years of meeting and event experience to create the kind of space they would want to gather with their teams, families and friends. They even chose a town where they themselves call home. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to the Stone Cottage, and we encourage you to reach out with any additional questions.