The following is a guest post from Transformational Marketing Guide and Retreat Leader Lorrie Thomas Ross

Growth is One of Life’s Most Beautiful Gifts

womens_retreats_stone_cottage_video_thumbnailTo help my clients rise in wildly wonderful ways – personally and professionally, they first have to be rooted.

I have found that going on retreats is one of the most impactful ways to ignite and expedite this process. When you unplug, you recharge. Disconnecting from life and work through the container of a retreat helps you reconnect with who you really want to be.

You can only own what you want when you truly know what you want. When you have the space and place to be silent, you can really listen and get clear.

As I walked the Stone Cottage in Serenbe, I instantly felt the serenity and power in this thoughtfully designed location. I also thought, “This the place I have been envisioning to host leadership retreats for my clients!”

The cottage’s beautiful retreat location embodies the three things I factor into my location selection to host successful women’s retreats:

  1. Space
  2. Place
  3. Nourishment


womens_leadership_retreats_stone_cottageI am a total space snob. Whether I am traveling for business or pleasure, I want to be in a space that is warm, inviting, inspiring and has an energy that feels “right.” The Stone Cottage felt more than right for my retreats. It felt perfect. I love the meeting/dining room with the glass windows that look out to the trees, the cozy living areas, how each bedroom has it’s own private bathroom (y’all, I lead women’s retreats, this is essential!) and private key. Every room in the house is wonderful, and the contemporary design and art is so chic. The space bridges the best of a high-end hotel and a luxury home rental. I love watching my clients ease into the space and how they share time in the kitchen, over coffee or enjoying wine at night. The firepit is always a hit after sunset!


womens_retreats_stone_cottageWhen I started guiding transformation for my clients, it was a requirement to host my retreats in places where nature was immediately accessible. Being able to step outside at any time of the day to hear birds, breathe fresh air, be shaded by trees, or sit outside at night by the fire gets us away from being human DOings and back to being human BEings. For leaders to lead their teams and companies effectively, they first have to lead themselves in a way that voices their value and values. Retreats in nature-centric spaces bring my leaders into a new headspace to really go inward so they can transform and go back out in new energy and new ways of being. When my clients stay at the Stone Cottage, I love how they can walk outside and instantly be in nature. Whether they want to have tea outside or walk on a trail or go to the General Store in Serenbe, everything they need is walkable or a zippy golf card ride away. Simple things not having to get in a car for days can do wonders for the soul. My clients make their experiences what they want them to be. I love that they can go to the spa, out to restaurants, ride bikes, horses, hike, do goat yoga or shop without having to get in a car.


womens_leadership_retreats_serenbePlants need the right nourishment to grow – the same goes for people! Nourishment comes rest, relaxation, learning, creating, being hydrated, having great foods in our body, and also comes from connections, to ourselves and with others. One of my favorite retreat experiences is taking women to the labyrinth. The words LISTEN and SILENT hold the same letters, I love to remind my clients of this before they walk into the labyrinth. Their silence and guidance of the path helps them listen in natural, yet new ways. The nourishment my clients feel from having other women supporting them (both from the women retreating together and from the support of my team of women who guide the transformation) is so impactful. The power of coming together with other intentional women who are committed to their success and are ready to do the work is like the root system trees share, not necessarily visible, but so essential to growth.

You Need to be Rooted in Order to Rise

When you give yourself the space and the ideal place to retreat, you have really beautiful reviving experiences.

Growth is a gift.

I love helping my clients grow companies that support a really beautiful life and help them step into their unique beauty.

Guiding growth at the gorgeous Stone Cottage in the serenity of Serenbe is truly magical.